The Local Kids – A compilation of texts, a contribution to a correspondence between those who desire anarchy and subversion.

Issue 1 – Summer 2018
The year is 2018. Our living environment is increasingly interconnected
and transparent. This is obvious for the digital reality but is also
true for the physical – if the distinction between the two hasn’t
already become too artificial. These tendencies have reinforced the
validation of the self through affiliation to a group and subjugation to
its norms. Before our eyes identities are being constructed, clashes
erupt in the scramble for a space to carve out and claim. A bonus for
its members is that the enforcing of the norms now is horizontally
distributed. As society becomes more totalitarian, the main feeling
becomes anxiety. Will for one more day our imperfections pass unnoticed,
or maybe just tolerated? And while we invest everything in this socially
acceptable image of ourselves we have created, we become the role we
were only playing. Is this life?
No, it is a defeat, and we should refuse it. To acknowledge the richness
of our desires, to explore them, to feel the power in developing them.
Nothing will make us repent of the choice for full life, the substance
of which is autonomy, individual and collective. So we move towards the
subversion of social relations.
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