Attack on energy

It seems that in France more and more officials of the State and Economy understand that the energy that keeps their world going has a not insignificant flaw: it doesn’t come from nowhere, it is generated in specific places and flows along long uncontrollable paths. Which brings certain ideas to the hotheads …
Last May 4th, the technicians of the town of Feuillade (Charente, department of New Aquitaine) discovered that a high voltage pylon in their area has clay feet and risks collapsing at any moment: someone has weakened the bases, cutting the ties.
Then, on the morning of May 19, the EDF notes what it means to leave its facilities without cameras and alarm systems. In Albertville, Savoie department, a “discovery” that part of a French Enel’s technical site has been devastated.

Finally, in the night between May 31 and June 1, in the hills of Marsanne (department of Drôme), two wind turbines are burned and the damage seems to amount to 2 million euros.
Explanatory claim for the incendiary sabotage of wind turbines in early June in Marsanne, in the Drôme: Attack on wind turbines
In the first night of June, commune of Marsanne, Drôme, two industrial wind turbines are attacked by fire, the outer nacelle of one of them is entirely consumed by the flames.
We proceeded as follows:
approach to the site
breaking of the entrance lock
opening of electrical cabinets
ascent of the mast by the vertical ladder
opening of electrical cabinets
setting up of incendiary devices (plastic bottle, barbed wire, fire lighter)
ignition (lighter), downhill watering of electrical installations and plastics
using a 5l can (oil / petrol mixture)
exit to the threshold, ignition (lighter)
extraction to a safe place
We used this method, in no way considering that we acted in the best possible way. We want to share it with anyone who wants to take it and reproduce the attack.
We dream, not of organization but of individuals acting of their own accord, occasionally associating with sabotage commandos having no other concern than to enjoy fighting dominations unreservedly and inseparably.
Via: sansattendre.
Translated by Act for freedom now!

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