Spain – Kalinov Most, an anarchist journal in Spanish

At this point there’s no hesitation, the decision has been made and there’s no going back. I am leaving the comfort of the pre-established and venturing into the uncertainty of the clash… 
Kalinov Most is a name that belongs to Russian medieval mythology and means Bridge of Kalin, which links the world of the living with hell, each separated by a river of fire. Whoever decides to venture on to the bridge intends to abandon the world of the living and does so of their own free will. Once you get to this point there’s no turning back, so the bridge represents the threshold where there is no hesitation or doubt. A choice has been made and accepted.
This journal is an invitation to break with the existent, to accept the clash with power in all its magnitude and complexity, aware this is a road of no return, where we don’t know what we could encounter. When we decide to go beyond the confines of the pre-established we leave monotony and the routine of city life behind, we break enslaving schemes and dogmas, venturing into  permanent and unstoppable conflict. There’s no remorse, no regret, no steps backwards in this freely and individually made choice, which we accept with all that it implies.
With this publication we intend to contribute to several discussions and reflexions that exist in anarchist and antiauthoritarian places, from a position aiming to sharpen ideas and practices of the clash against dominion, far from all the doctrines. Models and moral rules of conduct only limit and hamper individual freedom, so we consider the clash a dynamic process capable of constantly re-inventing itself, keeping everything around us and we ourselves in tension. Constant questioning allows us to examine actions in the attempt to sharpen conflictuality.
Through the analysis of experiences from different countries we will try to strengthen and deepen reflexions on specific themes. This allows us to learn about realities and initiatives carried out in different contexts, so as to intertwine them, thus completing our position on a concrete situation. In this way we are taking a distance from the merely journalistic report which simply describes a particular situation in a given territory, and also from pathetic articles of denunciation, so as to go into a necessary dialogue of experiences, which inevitably strengthens the practice of conflict, widening points of view and breaking up borders.
This journal is a challenge so as to tread anarchy’s paths of negation in their many aspects; it is a decision with no possibility of return or repentance, so is the building of a Kalinov Most.
Translated from Italian by act for freedom now!

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