Munich, Germany – Polyurethane foam to ticket machines

4th May 4 2018
In the night between Thursday 3rd and Friday 4th May, some people who had evidently had enough of tickets and wanted to give a signal against this discriminatory practice, neutralized several ticket machines with polyurethane foam at a stop on the Schwanthaler Höhe underground line. In no time they blocked the money outlets of the machines with the foam. They also left a message on the ticket dispensers inciting everybody to travel without a ticket: “Let’s all travel without tickets” could be read near an encircled A.
The “damage” would be several dozen thousand euros in total. So Munich public transport have the choice of either paying out the sum to replace the ticket machines and face similar cases in the future or finally start abolishing tickets (in which case machines won’t be necessary and there will be no more damage).
Translated from Italian by act for freedom now!

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