Chile – Incendiary attack on a church (24/05/2018)


ContraMadriz note: The comrades of Noticias de la Guerra Social (Chile) sent us the following piece of news concerning a molotov attack, which a group of anonymous arsonists carried out against a church in the municipality of Conchalí in the night of 24th May, destroying windows and throwing devices that allegedly caused minor damage.
The noise of breaking glass and of a loud explosion outside the church of Our Lady of the Americas shook the night of 24th May at around 9pm in the municipality of Conchalí.
At the corner between Graciela and Quinahue, anonymous persons managed to throw about three molotov bombs against a catholic temple and cause minor damage to its infrastructure.
Captain Juan Pablo Cáceres of Prefecture North declared to the press: “These are three molotov-style incendiary devices with accelerators, on which Labocar [forensic police] is investigating; there were individuals who ran away leaving a poster”.
The poster the miserable in uniform refers to was a hand-written leaflet meant as a claim of the attack, which read: “Rapist pigs we don’t want your sermons. Insurgents”.
The attack occurred as more cases of abuse and violation from members of the Catholic Church came to the light.
No one was injured and none of the anonymous attackers was identified.
Translated from Italian by act for freedom now!

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