Italy,Florence: Poster of those present in court


Italy, second decade of the twenty-first century. In the midst of a security delirium of cameras, police and army everywhere, racist and fascist hatred is organizing and arming itself. As the disgusting ‘bulldozer man’ [Matteo Salvini] conquers the Ministry of the Interior with the complicity of five-star political apathy, the fascists of Casapound, Forza Nuova and other groups are increasing their presence throughout the country with new premises, bookshops, gatherings and raids against the poorest. While fascist attacks are now countless, the hatred they foment has already opened fire. It happened in Macerata, Firenze, Rosarno, Napoli, Milan.
Florence, second decade of the twenty-first century. As in other cities, the police are strangling any attempts at self-organization and struggle by evicting occupied places and charging demonstrations and info tables along with beatings, charges and arrests. The message is clear: only the rich, the tourists and the armed forces are allowed in the city’s historic centre. Those who don’t bring money or contribute to profit must simply disappear from the city. The same goes for those who protest. We saw it, for example, in February 2016 in Piazza Sant’Ambrogio, when some comrades were taken to the police station and denounced for setting up an info stall. We saw it in April of the same year in Via Aretina, when the mere refusal to hand over IDs unleashed a manhunt by dozens of policemen and carabinieri leading to fights between anarchists and forces of order, leading to three arrests.

This is democracy closing ranks in order to secure the order of submission and exploitation.
Following an attack on new year’s eve in 2017, when a particularly brainless police bomb disposal expert seriously injured himself as he tried to defuse a device planted against the Casapound bookshop “Il bargello”, Operation Panico was unleashed on 31st January against some of those who can’t take it any longer: anarchists in Florence. In the space of few months this operation led to two evictions (Villa Panico and Riottosa), dozens of arrests, several other forms of restriction and imprisonment. 40 comrades are currently on trial, accused at various levels of non-authorized initiatives and attacks on fascist premises, with charges ranging from spontaneous demonstrations to damage, to organized crime, fabrication and transport of explosive devices and attempted murder. Three comrades, Ghespe, Giovanni and Paska, have been held in jail for months, whereas a fourth one, Nicola, is till subjected to compulsory residence and reporting to the police station in Florence. Ghespe, the main suspect for the new year’s eve attack, is to be tried separately and will have a first hearing on 4th July, while trial against all the others will begin on 12th July.
Even if the prosecution appears particularly weak and the evidence ridiculous (not to say inexistent), we are not interested in dwelling on terms such as guilty or innocent. They are anarchists, and that’s enough: for the judiciary to imprison them, for us to feel we are their accomplices and are in solidarity with them. We are all guilty of struggling against a word of exploitation and submission, against an increasingly plasticised and militarized city, against the assassins in black shirts or green. When fascist and racist brutality gains space, one organizes oneself and shoots, cultural and political protest is no longer enough, whereas the election campaign-orientated antifascism in PD style is simply disgusting.
It is right and urgent to strike fascists directly.
Always alongside our comrades imprisoned in Sollicciano
On 4th July at 6pm a gathering in Santo Spirito with distro stall, aperitifs benefit, food and discussion and updates on Operation Panico
Download the poster in pdf format: MANIFESTO 4 LUGLIOdef

Translated by act for freedom now!

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