Chile : Anarchist comrade Freddy Fuentevilla has been released from prison

Refractario’s note: We learn with joy that comrade Freddy has been released. From here, a strong warm hug, after the death threats of Bernales, the jails in Argentina, the Chilean prisons, the trials and farces up until now, time is filled with experiences in the construction of paths of negation. Today new paths are being opened and old ones taken up again, now back in the streets once more! Without ever forgetting Juan and Marcelo’s struggle on the medical and juridical military fronts, respectively, we remember Freddy’s words during the trial against him:
“Our stories didn’t begin on 18th October 2007, as Juan (Aliste) has explained very well, they are a constant. It’s not easy to disengage from them, especially when a hunt is unleashed that is not really aimed at getting someone to court, but on the contrary at their physical annihilation, the annihilation that metaphorically is presenting itself today surgically even buried under tons of cement and iron, not for one year, but for many years (…)
I think these words.. what I feel now is gratitude. But to whom? Gratitude to my mother, because I have no mother, I’m lucky in that respect. To la mia compagna, my comrades, my family, my friends and above all my children’s unconditional love.
A hug to all, and the necessary strength will be always there. And…
While poverty persists there will be rebellion.”

To those who struggle against the State, prison and capital all over the world.
— To our comrades and brothers in the struggle
— To all those who have accompanied us tirelessly in these 10 years of Resistance to prison
— To the subversive, autonomous and libertarian nuclei, groups, organizations and individualities
— To our families
Yesterday, 18th June 2018, our brother, friend and comrade Freddy Fuentevilla Saa was released from the high security prison in Santiago de Chile, after 10 years and almost 3 months of uninterrupted imprisonment, on what the language of justice and power calls “parole”.
To talk about this long journey with its vicissitudes, every second of imprisonment, is difficult through these words full of contrasting sensations when the immense happiness of seeing one of ours come out from behind these walls, meeting his loved ones again, feeding the indomitable hearts of all those who give up and don’t bow down in the face of the horrible temple of detention.
The inevitable passing of time now helps, allowing our comrade to be able to gaze at the sky without bars again, to get out of the narrow spaces of prison cement and iron, which were never able to affect our passionate insurrectional conviction.
With every step, constant learning and the will intact we will continue brotherhood with all those who Rebel against this sick world, which only offers us a disposable life based on the most putrid values imaginable, and which announce the extinction of life unless we oppose it with Persistant Multiform Resistance.
The world of power, authority and its hierarchies, of Nazi-fascism in all its variants and colours, the claim of total control, the ideology that justifies it, all continue to be the recipients of our ancestral anger, and it is for this reason that we insist on the continuity of the struggle beyond the bars and walls where we continue to raise our fists today.
Our present battles are urgent!
Let’s redouble our efforts to win!
The indifference of the jailors we are confronting concerning Juan’s medical situation is categorical.
Moreover, Marcelo’s judicial situation, that he is to do 10,123 days in prison following sentences dealt out by the military prosecutors in the 1990s, is aberrant.
Prison is lived inside and outside the walls of the jail … and our comrade is by no means free, he can only walk in the streets under various control measures such as reporting weekly to the police station and prohibition to leave the region, besides the inevitable police control.
Another step forward, a necessary moment to get back some oxygen after so many years behind bars.
With tenacity and subversive complicity we hug all the dignified prisoners who don’t surrender in the jails of chile, argentina, brazil, peru, colombia, mexico, united states, italy, spain, greece, russia, ukraine and all the corners of the planet where one struggles with autonomy and horizontally, searching for total liberation of peoples, individuals and communities.
With affection and brotherhood to the persecuted who carry on making a mockery of the law.
Juan Aliste Vega
Marcelo Villarroel Sepulveda
High security prison
Santiago – Chile
Tuesday 19th June 2018

Translated from Italian by act for freedom now!

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