Florence, Italy : Paska’s communique ahead of the trial

The first hearing of the trial against Ghespe took place today, 4th July. It was very short because the judges accepted a request for the reunification of the trial, so they simply postponed the hearing to 12th July, the day when the first hearing for all the others had been fixed. The escort jailers did everything to prevent any communication between us, standing in front of Ghespe to prevent him from seeing the many comrades in the courtroom. However he could hear the greetings, warmth and cries for freedom dedicated to him.
We reiterate the call to be present in court on 12th July to greet Giova, and at this point Ghespe is very likely to be there too.
Thanks to all those who came from practically everywhere, north, south and abroad; your strength and support are of incalculable value.
Here is Paska’s declaration, which has just arrived from the prison of Castrogno (Teramo) where the comrade is being held:
Hi everybody,
Finally I have also decided to write a few lines on the current show of repression against us anarchists, which is keeping me and another two comrades in jail.
It’s been about 11 months now that we’ve been stuck in their trap: Ghespe eleven months all spent in prison, me seven months in prison and 4 with compulsory residence and night curfew, Giova 2 and a half months in prison and eight between restrictions, curfew and signing at the police station.
But their “notorious” Operation Panico, initiated in January 2016 and started to strike on 31th January 2017, also gave other comrades “a present” of days in prison, house arrest, compulsory residence, signing at the police station, prohibition to reside in Florence and another absurd prohibition of residence in Galluzzo, a Florence neighbourhood where the Riottosa squat was located, and later evicted along with the other anarchist squat in the city, Villa Panico.

All this followed a string of events that took place in the city: an attack on Casa Pound premises, two devices planted outside fascist premises (one of them on 2017 new year’s eve, when a bomb disposal expert lost a hand and an eye while trying to detonate the device, hence a charge of attempted murder following which 3 of us are currently being held in custody), an unauthorized antimilitarist demo, the throwing of a molotov against Carabinieri barracks in Rovezzano following the arrest of three comrades after a fight with cops at a concert, demos outside prisons, graffiti on the walls of the city… and finally charges relating to the event on new year’s eve, which they are presenting as the main point of the question.
An investigation which accelerated remarkably after 1st January 2017, and couldn’t lack [charges of] organized crime and incredible twists: arrests, releases from prison, the exacerbation of restrictive measures because of graffiti, court reviews – cassations – counter-court reviews… competent investigating judges, incompetent investigating judges, police chiefs and antiterrorism services, the operation unit of the Italian police (UOPI) and so on and so forth… A judicial mess to strike certain practices and those who realize them because they are not subjugated to the system but are the latter’s enemies.
Then the investigation methods have been most disgusting and squalid, but what can we expect from our enemies? In particular, in order to justify the attempted murder and correlated charges (possession, fabrication and transport of war weapons) made against those of us under arrest and one other comrade, interceptions of chats between friends have become the main evidence, DNA fragments taken at random have turned into certain indications of guilt, emotional and personal states of mind have become symptoms of admission [of guilt].
Not to mention their misery in attempting to divide the comrades under investigation and set them against each other through all their court papers which resemble the script of a deja vu film rather than a judicial investigation. All this aimed not only at identifying those who were guilty of the charges according to their vision or making arrests or evicting squats, but also to get rid of the Florentine reality and split up the situation even more.
Well, personally I say they tried it but didn’t succeed completely: there are still those who organize themselves, discuss and act in the city, and those hit by repression over this period are still there with their heads held high, and I think that they consciously repeat to themselves: “I find my path is right because I’m right!”.
Their repression hit us, true, but it didn’t attack [us] completely as they would have wanted at first.
Now, how should we carry on? Their repression doesn’t attack, let’s attack it ourselves. In the end, at this point, it would be important to start again not so much from discussions and endless reasoning on solidarity in response to repression, but from the practices they accuse us of, which annoy them much more than our theoretical discourses.
Let’s forget this year and a half of blows and start again from what hurts them most: for us inside the walls by giving in to their power the least possible, and for those outside “with the choice of weapon, which is yours for the duel”.
Greetings, a big hug and a cry full of anger and love to Ghespe and Giova!
Against power, against authority, for freedom!

Translated by act for freedom now!

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