Italy – Operation Panico: the hearing of 12th July has been postponed

What should have been the first hearing of the trial for Operation Panico took place on 12th July.
In the court were Ghespe and Giova, a considerable number of comrades and some of the people on trial. The little said didn’t seem very comprehensible to us, after all theirs is a language that doesn’t belong to us, but it could be roughly summarized as follows:
Three of the defendants had not been given notification; the reunification of the trial had been accepted, but a week’s time wasn’t sufficient to sort out the relative bureaucracy; among the judges of the commission was a honorary judge, who according to a recent law is not competent in cases of such gravity and so a new commission of judges was appointed. For these reasons, which the prosecutors didn’t appreciate much as they were hoping for a quick start of the trial, the hearing was postponed to 9th October.
The only new thing is that the ministry of the interior has joined the fair of those bringing a civil action; so those bringing a civil action in the trial are now: CasaPound, il Bargello (bookshop)), Mario Vece (bomb disposal expert), Siulp (police union) and the ministry.
Ghespe and Giova, who were kept apart in the cage, as they are still prohibited from meeting each other, were well and happy to see so many friendly faces, even if they saw them from behind bars… Updates on upcoming initiatives to follow soon.

Translated by act for freedom now!

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