Indonesia: Solidarity Update on the Trial of the Four Anarchist Prisoners in Yogyakarta

26.07.18: The trial has begun for the 4 anarchist prisoners of war who
were transferred to Cebongan Prison for the Yogyakarta M1 (May Day)
The four imprisoned comrades are:
– Azhar M. Hasan (Azhar)
– Zikra Wahyudi (Zikra)
– Muhammad Ibrahim (Boim)
– Muhammad Edo Asrianur (Edo)
The anarchist action commemorating M1 is entering a new phase. The 4 anarchist prisoners of war who took part in the demonstrations at the intersection outside UIN Yogyakarta (e Sunan Kalijaga State Islamic University) underwent a preliminary trial hearing at the Sleman District Court on July 26th.
The first preliminary trial hearing consisted of the prosecutor reading the indictment against the comrades. The prosecutor stated that this trial should take place separately from the criminal case and called for a split hearing.
The trial is taking place in sequential order. Azhar and Zikra are Case Number 306/Pd.B/2018/PNSmn, while Edo and Boim are Case Number 305/Pid.B/2018/PNSmn. So it is a split case file, however it the trial will still take place in the same court room.
A split hearing was called for because the defendants are each facing different indictments from open trials. In the indictment that was read out there is material presented relating to violence and destruction against public facilities.
This is in accordance with evidence already gathered by the police and the prosecution.
Based on the criminal charges, the 4 anarchist prisoners of war are being threatened with either Article 170, paragraph (1) which carries a maximum sentence of 5 years imprisonment, or Article 406 of the Criminal Code which carries a maximum sentence of 2 years imprisonment. There was also evidence attached that alleges that the 4 comrades committed a criminal act during M1. The four prisoners of war did not enter a plea.
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