Italy , 13th September 2018 : start of the appeal trial concerning the events of 15th October 2011

The appeal trial concerning the day of struggle of 15th October 2011 in Rome will begin on 13th September.
The previous phase of the trial ended in May 2016 with heavy sentences, from 4 months to 9 years in prison, against the 15 defendants, and conspicuous damages in favour of banks, ministries and the municipality of Rome itself. Of the charges against the defendants, that of devastation and loitering stands out (the charges that were dropped included attempted murder).

Recourse to this charge (which, we remember, is still keeping two comrades in jail for the events of Genoa in 2011, 6 years after the cassation, while a female comrade is now on bail) allows the State to impose heavy sentences, ‘by concealing’ the political nature of the repressive measures behind a public safety mask.
In Genoa in 2011 and in Rome on 15th October 2011 we were many in the streets to express anger and the desire not to keep our heads down. Still today, 15 people are paying the consequences of that day of struggle.
Let’s not leave them alone!
We are going to keep supporting those on trial following the day of struggle of 15th October 2011 and expressing our solidarity with them.
Those who rebel are never alone.
Rete Evasioni
Translated by act for freedom now!

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