Greece: Fighting the TAP (The Trans Adriatic Pipeline), Brochure – GR

PDF IN GREEK : Μάχοντας τον TAP
Fighting the TAP – Brochure – GR
Selection of Texts:
1 / Fighting the TAP
3 / Some notes on the TAP
11 / From the other side
23 / Laughing underneath
25 / What’s the purpose of energy?
35 / War comes home
37 / Some useful addresses
Translation introduction in English:
Fighting the TAP
The Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) is being built to transport natural
gas from the Caspian sea to Europe. The pipeline would start near the
Greek village Kipoi at the border with Turkey (where it is connected
with the Trans Anatolian Pipeline). From there it would cross the north
of Greece for 550 kilometers, then would go into Albania from where it
would cross the Adriatic sea to reach the mainland again in Salento,
Italy. Along the trajectory in Greece the pipeline would consist of 22
block valve stations (points on which the pipeline can be closed, for
example for safety or maintenance reasons), one compression station near
Kipoi, and one compression station near Serres (in which the pressure is
highered to optimize transportation). The project started to be
developed in 2003, in 2015 the actual works started in Albania. In the
mean time the works have started as well in Italy as in Greece.
The texts published here were written in Italy, where a struggle against
this project of power is taking place. The texts speak about the
specificities of this project and its direct responsibles, about the
ecological destruction and the militarization of territories, but also
about the symbolic value of this project for the economy, the state, and
oppression in general. The texts focus on this specific element of the
system, but with a constant eye on the wider reality, the whole of
domination which it is a part of. These texts intend nothing but the
encouragement of everybody, where ever or with how many they may be, to
sabotage and attack this project, those who will profit from it, and the
existent it will serve.
Finally, or better to begin with, the following texts propose to anyone
who wants to fight this pipeline a method, a way of struggling. They
emphasize the possibility and importance to fight in an autonomous,
anti-institutional and direct way, to sabotage and destroy what is
destroying us.
How could we fight the world of politics using politics? How could we
fight the world of authority creating ourselves leaders and little
chiefs? How could we fight this world that tries to disown us of any
real autonomy, by delegating ourselves parts of our struggles to the
media or the public opinion? We can not, we would be fooling ourselves.
In how we go at the confrontation with this world, we carry ideas of a
new and totally different world. And these ideas come to life here and
now, in our revolt against domination.
Athens 2018

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