Some struggle news from Greece

1/05/18: Athens, Greece – At the traditional union demonstration of 1st May, clashes between anarchists (with molotovs) and law enforcement.
8.05: Volos, Athens – The Anarchist conflictual front of Volos explodes dynamite and bottles of petrol in front of the entrance of Nea Ionias tax office.
12/05: Athens – Hundreds of anarchists attack the police with stones and molotovs around Kaningos Square. The police had to withdraw.
15/05: Volos – The anarchist initiative breaks the windows of the tourist office and throws paint on its facade. The claim mentions a long list of industrial nuisances in and around this city which contrasts sharply with the image of “green growth” that authorities try to give it.
22/05, Elefsina – The visitors’ department break the windows of the court and throw paint inside.
29/05, Athens – The cell for revolutionary memory and continuity – FAI / FRI dedicates the fire of a subsidiary of the Bank of Piraeus to anarchist Spyros Davilas, [a comrade on the run for a long time who killed himself when the cops stormed his hideout],  Mauricio Morales, and all those fallen in the social war, always present in our anarchist consciousness and deeds.. They also call for solidarity with Marios Seisidis, currently in prison and due to appeal in early June following a sentence of 36 years for a bank robbery in 2006 [when comrade Giannis Dimitrakis was wounded and arrested].
7/06, Thessaloniki – Rebels / exiles attack a police riot van. At the end of the long claim, a PS mentions their solidarity with the struggle at the ZAD and with those arrested for riots during the G20.
Translated from Avis de tempetes  n.5 and  n.6 with additions to 29/05/18 Athens, from athens indymedia

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