>At the Court of Appeals one of the two  arrested for the story of the letter  bombs….

First post: Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Court of Appeal was Attended by one of two youths who were arrested yesterday in Pangrati for package bombs addressed to French President and embassies of foreign countries. The 22 year old

was brought to the Court of Appeal, against the pending arrest warrant for involvement in the organization “Conspiracy of Cells of Fire.”

Having executed the warrant, the 22 year old will be transferred along with 24 year old second person arrested in the First Instance Court Prosecutor for prosecution. The 24 year old  brother
is wanted for the same organization for which the prosecutor has, however, not indicted.

bomb explodes outside the Swiss embassy in Athens

A small letter  bomb exploded outside the Swiss embassy in Kolonaki, Athens a few hours ago   2 November. The bomb was in a letter. Another booby-trap was found at the Bulgarian embassy in

Psichiko, Athens; this was discovered by an embassy employee before it  exploded.

Explosion takes place in courier offices 1 November.

An explosion took place at noon in the offices of a courier company in the area of Pagrati. The explosive device was packaged in an envelope which, according to reports, was to be delivered in the Embassy of Mexico in Athens.

A female employee of the company is suffering injures to two fingers.

Police have taken for questioning two suspects who were found in the area.

The first reports for the arrests mention that one of the two is a known suspect for participation in the “Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire”  and that one was found wearing a bullet-proof vest,

while both were carrying Glock type pistols.

It is also reported that two more envelops have been found. One was in the suspect’s possession, while the other was found at another courier company in the same area and was addressed to the Embassy of  the Netherlands.

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