France : The wind farm, a colossus with clay feet

Le Dauphiné keeps coming back to the fire that devastated a wind turbine and damaged another in Marsanne during the night of May 30 to June 1. Regarding the first, the damage is at the level of the nacelle, three blades and the hub: all these parts were burnt to a cinder. The fire, which was claimed shortly afterwards on the internet, seems to be causing great concern to the Res company, based in Avignon and the local authorities. If a drone had even been used to verify that the fire had been completely extinguished, the local authorities are not skimping on the means of securing the area of implantation of these behemoths of the technology stamped green.
“By municipal bylaw, a security perimetre has been put in place; and a security guard has since been guarding the site. It must be said that the wind turbines are in the heart of the Marsanne forest and hiking trails popular with walkers, quads or mountain bikers. “Deviations”, following the temporary closure of some roads, were set up in concert with the ONF[National Forests Office]. “
If we include the resources deployed to secure the site (which will take several months), it is highly likely that the total cost of this fire far exceeds the 2 million euros material damage originally announced.
 [Reformulated from the local press, 26.07.2018]
Translated by Act for freedom now!

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