Italy : ALF liberate “Molossus”! from captivity

2 agosto 2018
“A sumptuous villa with wrought-iron gates and even the owner’s initials carved on the floor, sumptuous but completely abandoned. In the garden, amidst rubbish and unkempt grass, in total degradation, is a dog “Molossus”, prisoner in a cage of a few square metres.
Alone day and night, with no food but above all without any water at his disposal, (it seems that the owner rarely went to feed the poor dog), and these scorching days the lack of liquids would have been fatal. The liberators, after some checks to assess the state of abandonment and the animal’s physical conditions, decided to break the chains, and when darkness fell, without any fear and aware they were doing the right thing, they freed him, leaving a few souvenirs of their passage for the torturer.
Now he is safe, loved and pampered by his new family who welcomed him hundreds of kilometres away from the place of his detention. He will have to gain a few kilos in weight and unfortunately as often happens with ill-treated dogs he turns out to be positive to a disease that would have been avoided if only he had been VACCINATED.
Long life to our big friend, a life of shit instead to his jailer.”
Translated from Italian by Act for freedom now!

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