>Monday 8/11 at the Polytechnic is the assembly for solidarity to imprisoned and persecuted fighters.



Matters to discuss:
-International day of solidarity to Giannis Dimitrakis for his upcoming appeals court on 6/12
-Potential for gathering to the prisons.
-Potential for interception in the 17th november anniversary.

Actions of solidarity already decided:
-Solidarity gathering at the appeals court of Loukareos on 11/11 when Maria Beraha and Nikos Malapanis are going to appear before the interrogator accused of participating in R.S.
-Solidarity gathering on the 19/11 and 24/11 at the appeals court of Loukareos where Simos Seisidis is having his trial for the misdemeanors of the seven robberies of the “robbers in black” case.

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