Italy : Words from anarchist comrade Juan in hiding

We received Juan’s words from hiding in a letter to anarchist circle “Nave dei folli”:
I see that a poster has come out edited and discussed by various anarchists in solidarity with those accused in the“Scripta Manent” trial. I think it is important to reaffirm a collective stance of solidarity with the comrades under investigation and of complicity with the various practices that have always been a legacy of hostility against authority. As the poster mentions.
Individual differences are not limits to be unified, but they are the wealth of anarchists.
To support revolutionary practices, not delegate them, contrast the repression with which the State wants to isolate us and bury comrades in the country’s prisons.
I subscribe to the proposal of the poster “Furor Manent” and express my solidarity with the comrades under investigation and my complicity with the many practices of direct action.
A hug with crest held high!!
In struggle for anarchy
Translated by act for freedom now!

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