Fort-de-France (Martinique): Against public transport and its war on the poor

France Antilles / Tuesday 31 July 2018
The two Kerlys ticket machines are completely out of use, just days from the announced launch of Public Transport in their own site.
While the first High Level Bus Service (BHNS) are expected on the tracks of the TCSP in the coming days, two ticket vending machines are broken in l’avenue Maurice Bishop (Kerlys), in Fort-de-France. They were the target of vandals a few months ago but were never repaired.
Contactless ticketing is already operational throughout the Mozaïk network. It still needs to be set in view of the new rates (bus and TCSP) which will be applicable on September 1st. These past weeks, CFTU agents have started dislodging those who had taken over bus shelters or public spaces again. […]

via:  Attaque
Translated by Act for freedom now!

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