Zurich, Switzerland : Several town hall vehicles burned!

During the night of 7 to 8 August, several cars of the municipality of Zurich were set on fire.

On Wednesday at around 3am seven town hall vehicles went up in smoke. The rapid intervention of the fire brigade narrowly saved an industrial building that the local government cars were parked in front of from the flames. The damage was estimated to be over 100.000 Swiss francs.

According to police of Zurich and investigators of the Zurich cantonal police, there can be no doubt as to the intentional origin of the flames.
The German-speaking Swiss press tells us more about this fire. Apart from the fact that it mentions the institution targeted, namely the city of Zurich (unlike the French-speaking Swiss press, which speaks simply of “cars”), it also tells us that privately owned vehicles parked nearby came out unscathed from the fire, which suggests that the municipality’s working tool was the sole target.
So far [Tuesday 14 August 2018] this incendiary sabotage has not been claimed.

Translated by Act for freedom now!

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