Florence, Italy – Well done anyway!

Translated by act for freedom now!


This the first leaflet given out in Florence a few days after the arrests of 3rd August 2017.
On a police operation in Florence
When you hold power, you can lose your head believing you are able to do anything at all, engage in attempts without rhyme or reason and talk nonsense, until you are left swamped by your own pile of bullshit.
This is what happened to police and carabinieri recently in Florence.
On 3rd August – as a result of blowhards such as Lucio Pifferi (local Digos chief), Eugenio Spina (Antiterrorism chief) and Giuseppe Governale (Carabinieri Ros commandant) – 200 armed fatheads, covered by the paper-pushers of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, vandalized and evicted the Riottosa Zquat in Galluzzo, arresting 8 anarchist comrades, 6 of whom were released a couple of days later due to complete lack of evidence. Masked policemen and carabinieri, a militarized neighbourhood, raids in private homes, comrades’ faces splashed in the newspapers, press conferences and institutional praise… to then see the whole operation miserably collapse.
In the heat of August, a media hallucination begun on New Year’s Eve reached a climax when a particularly careless police bomb disposal expert removed a bomb from a notorious fascist bookshop in Via Leonardo da Vinci with hsi bare hands, making it explode right in his face. If we didn’t live in an upside down world all this – the rhetoric of ‘bombs, blood and anarchy’, the tears for the injured cop, the investigation for attempted murder – wouldn’t even be conceivable. For the cops and journalists it was an attack that intended to kill. For us, it was an antifascist action like others that have occurred in the past and an accident at work which – unlike those that take place in factories and building sites every day- doesn’t deserve one tear.

In the Florence of security delirium, while police are everywhere and freedom nowhere, a few actions – incendiary devices against fascist premises, molotovs against barracks or wild demos against the order of resignation – have dared interrupt the course of normality. If the police rarely manage to identify those who carry out certain actions, they can only strike those who support these actions publicly: the anarchists. Finding themselves with little or nothing in their hands after months of constant interceptions and shadowing, the cops decided to cast their net anyway, as they were sure the media furore would allow them to hold on to as many fish as possible.
Contrary to their forecasts, the investigating judge didn’t feel like endorsing such a clumsy investigation this time. The only validated arrest was that of our comrade Salvatore Vespertino, ‘trapped’ by a DNA fragment judged compatible (while writing these lines we are awaiting the result for Pasca, still held in a prison in Lecce). If the anarchists’ alleged ‘guilt’ is for now only an opinion of the investigators, the response of science is being presented as certainty. But the latter is still to be proved. Far from being pure theories of disinterested researchers, on the contrary science is a social product, that is to say an assemblage of models elaborated and applied by human beings within a network of interests and power relations. Not only is DNA sample ‘compatibility’ the result of a statistical calculation, but this calculation has also been carried out by technicians hired by those who arrested our comrades.
To all those who care about freedom, the task of starting a battle against DNA sample taking and instrumentalisation, before genetic filing and fabrications become part of our everyday life. Our comrades have already begun by refusing to have samples taken in prison. As Security becomes the centre of politics and police are being deployed right to the most remote suburb, for the oppressed and rebels an iron fist is being prepared. Let’s not stand by looking on as they close the cage.
Let’s act.
No tears for a cop, let’s continue the struggle
Florence, 8th August 2017
Some Anarchists

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