Turin, Italy – The infinite ways of Habeas Corpus

A few months ago Camille, a comrade for a long time subjected to reporting daily to the police station, decided to leave and subtract herself from the burden of presenting herself to the police every day. Yesterday she was arrested in Porta Susa following an apparently ‘random’ control by two Digos officers and was arrested and taken to the Vallette prison.
What’s strange about this?
An arrest warrant against Cam had been issued following the violation of her bail conditions, but that order against her and other comrades had been lifted in July. At this point you would think that police were not aware of the fact that the initial measure had been dropped and consequently also its exacerbation.

In fact this morning her lawyers submitted a claim for her release, convinced that it would only take a few hours.
But it was not so. A female judge confirmed the custodial measure and in spite of what the disgusting law books themselves say, she affirmed she wanted ‘to repeal the revocation’ and to keep her in jail because she deserves it.
Nothing more can surprise us from the Turin tribunal, but the legal concept of deserving jail regardless of a related illicit act was missing from our small baggage of  knowledge.
To write to her:
Camille Casteran
C.C. Lorusso e Cutugno
Via Maria Adelaide Aglietta 35
10151 Turin
Translated by act for freedom now!

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