Buenos Aires, Argentina – The Ministry of the agro food-processing industry attacked

A few hours from the first anniversary of the disappearance, followed by the death, of anarchist comrade Santiago Maldonado at the hands of the National Gendarmerie, we placed a home-made incendiary device on one of the windows of the country’s ministry of agro food-processing industry, located in the federal capital, whose current minister (ex-president of the rural society) faithful to the rich and bosses’ interests continues to negotiate with blood and soil. Poisoning and contaminating everything and everybody.
Persecuting, imprisoning and murdering those who rebel with dignity and struggle against the capitalist order.
Today political opportunism and citizenism want to frame us in their democratic discourse and force us to deal with the usual murderers.
Let’s transform memory into action for brujo [Maldonado], Rafael and all of us!
In this epoch and in this instant, the struggle continues.
Translated by act for freedom now!


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