Reutlingen and Nuremberg, Germany – Paint against AfD premises

3rd June 2018
Hotel Fortuna, Carl-Zeiss-Str. 75, Reutlingen, branded with paint!
AfD was celebrating an initiative with also Meuthen and Jongen at Fortuna Hotel, Carl-Zeiss-Str. 75, Reutlingen. As a response, the place was branded with paint during the night!
To be on the side of racists means trouble! Direct actions against the fascist scum and those who support them!
Everybody in Augusta on 30th June – let’s make the AfD party congress a disaster!
6th June 2018
Fight fascism! Yesterday night we attacked
Meistersingerhalle (Meistersinger Hall) in Nuremberg and an AfD office. Meistersingerhalle is the place where a regional congress of AfD was held on 9th and 10th June.
AfD is one of the many promoters of the leap to the right. It is one of its parliamentary expressions all over Germany and also in Bavaria.
Its executive members are propagating a closed-cycle ‘change’.  But in fact AfD is not interested in our problems, the problems of a class relying on a salary. With its fascist politics, totally racist volleys and the acceleration of the police State and surveillance it is only interested in maintaining the capitalist status quo. Like all bourgeois parties it is part of the State destructive-capitalist machine, which is to be attacked wherever it’s possible.
The next weekend neo-nazis, populists and wealthy pigs organized in this party will descend upon our city to celebrate their regional congress.
No deployment of cops, no paragraph 114 or even a bloody echelon of cops on horses will prevent us from opposing it with our practical resistance! Whether the weekend of the congress, the 30/6 in Augusta, or before or after. If you are AfD, CSU or cops, we’ll continue to attack you! Because you attack us every day with the tightening of the law as class in power, with the neonazi terrorist cells such as NSU financed by the State or recently the extension of  deportation centres for refugees. Because you dehumanize our lives making them more and more unbearable for most of the population!
To your repression from above, we oppose our solidarity from below. In the end the streets decide!!
For the revolution! Struggle against fascism!
Translated from Italian by act for freedom now!

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