Pradalunga and Cremona, Italy – Stones and paint against Northern League premises

From the press we learn that in Pradalunga on the night of Sunday 2nd and Monday 3rd September the main door of the Northern League on Via Gritti, Cornale, was covered in  red and black paint. That same evening  Matteo Salvini [Northern League leader and minister of the interior] was holding a rally a few kilometres away at the Bèrghem Fest in Alzano Lombardo. About fifteen days earlier, still in the Bergamo area, the provincial premises of the Northern League in Via Cadore in Redona (which had already been targeted in February 2018), those in Sant’Omobono and the League murals in Pontida were targetted in the space of a few hours.
Again from the press we learn that the Northern League is not welcome in Cremona either and that in the night between 1st and 2nd September someone smashed the windows of the city’s Northern League premises with stones, leaving the words: ‘Racists Guards Murderers’.
Translated by act for freedom now!

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