Lecce, Italy : Anarchist Publishing Fair

Anarchist Publishing Fair
Two days of circulation and propaganda of anarchist ideas
Two days of books, meetings, presentations and discussions to talk about the history and topicality of anarchist ideas and action, of the indissoluble link that unites them and their ability to bear on the world in the perspective of changing it.

Lecce – Anarchist Publishing Fair
Saturday 22nd September 
3pm: Opening of the fair and anarchist publishing stands and aperitifs
5pm: Anarchists of Bialystok 1903-1908, ed. Bandiera Nera, 2018.
Presentation of the book by the editors and discussion
7pm: Daring ones, not gendarmes! From the trenches to the barricades: ardour of war and the people’s daring ones (1917-1922), by Marco Rossi, ed. BFS, 2011.
Presentation of the book by the author and discussion
9:30pm: Benefit dinner
Sunday 23rd September
11pm: Opening of the fair and of anarchist publishing stands
1:30pm: Benefit lunch
5pm: (Minimal) counter-investigation on the ‘incurable disease’ by one who has it. On social pathogenesis and political aetiology of the cancer-demon, by Franco Cantù, ed. Nautilus, 2017.
Presentation of the book by the author.
To vaccinate our children? Three doctors’ points of view, by doctor Françoise Berthoud, ed. La Tana, 2018. Presentation of the book with the editors.
Discussion on medicalization and the control of the body perpetrated by the institutions and scientific authority as a form of social control and repression of individual freedom.
7pm: On DNA sample-taking and codification of existence.
An analysis of forced DNA sample-taking in prisons and the project of mass filing of individuals, by Anarchists against genetic filing.
9:30pm: Benefit dinner.
Occupied Anarchist Library ‘Disordine’
Via delle Giravolte, 19/a – Lecce
Translated by act for freedom now!

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