Spain : Poster in solidarity with those hit by repression following the G20 in Hamburg

In July 2017 the annual G20 summit took place in Hamburg. The leaders of the world gathered to spit their plans of death, exploitation and misery in our faces. During the days of the summit a real revolt broke out, and it shook the direction of the leaders’ future plans.
Thousands of people were or are still accused, many spent several months in prison, subjected to constant media bombardment that accompanied subsequent arrests and police operations. In Europe the response to these repressive attacks resulted in many sabotages, actions and disorders. The State’s repression got a response.
Two repressive operations took place in May and June 2018: the first one was on an international level, orchestrated by the German police in coordination with other countries’ police, and it led to raids in social centres and homes in France, Switzerland, Italy and Spain; the second one occurred in Germany itself. The State’s repression doesn’t know any border.
Police coordination on a European level aims to increase the States’ repressive efficiency. It aims to undermine the networks of solidarity and struggle, and to generate fear. The Hamburg’s revolt was very disturbing, and it highlighted the possibility to strike in the heart of the State’s and Capital’s beast.
Its repressive blows must get a response. The only horizon we have in mind is to continue the struggle. Hamburg was a spark, a flash, a trail of the conflict, of social war. A war which will continue until the destruction of capitalism, the State and authority.
Translated from Italian by act for freedom now!

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