Italy – ‘Scripta Manent’ pamphlet (it)

On the ‘Scripta Manent’ trial – News, texts, communiques, actions…
DOWNLOAD PDF: A4 document and A5 pamphlet
A pamphlet which revisits the almost two years that have passed since the beginning of operation Scripta Manent,  reconstructing the events that have taken place up until now in view of the reopening of the trial in September, to make the situation concerning the ‘Scripta Manent’ trial known and to spread the words of the accused and imprisoned comrades as widely as possible.
Free distribution or donation is recommended; however any proceeds that might come from it should go directly to those undergoing this umpteenth frame-up aimed at striking the anarchist milieu of action yet again.
Acrata greetings
Edizioni ItinerAnti
Translated by act for freedom now!

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