Croatia : BEK Social Centre in Zagreb: Call for solidarity

Actforfree received 24.9.18

We are BEK collective that started the BEK social centre which opened
this spring in Zagreb, Croatia. Our squat/social center is completely
DIY, based on non-hierarchical structure and our acts are inspired with
the idea of anarchism.

All our programs are free (based on donations) and our goal is to
include all the people from the community that want to participate so we
could truly make our squat a social center, open for everyone to come
and be a part of it!

The building we are in was built in 1950 and until recently it was an
educational center for blind and visually impaired children. In the
March of 2015 long needed renovation works  were halted and it was
permanently closed as an educational institution. The government did not
provide adequate solutions for a new building that could satisfy the
children’s needs nor to stop the further decay of the closed building.

Now we have a chance to make an open space for people and animals, but
the building requires a lot of work, materials and time. To collect the
money necessary, we have started a crowdfunding campaign, so what we
need from you is your support.

If you think this idea and project is worthy of your help, we would be
very thankful if you could promote our campaign in any way, like
sharing, donating, posting  about us and talking to your friends,
families, colleagues, pets, plants etc. 🙂

Thank you!

In solidarity,

BEK kolektiv

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