Giulianova, Italy :They did well to attack a Northern League gazebo

From the media we learned that the other night a Northern League gazebo set up for a petition in defence of their leader following the issue of Nave Diciotti [a Coast Guard vessel with 177 migrants on board, who were initially denied disembarkation to Catania by Northern League’s interior minister Salvini, but were finally allowed after the president of the republic intervened] was attacked in Giulianova. According to the press a group of people allegedly suddenly turned up and upturned the lot, tables, gazebo and poster stands, throwing all the League propaganda material up in the air.
After learning of this from newspapers, we checked the internet to get a better idea of what had happened. And in various social media, besides a string of insults against anarchists such as ‘life imprisonment’, ‘smash your teeth with truncheons’, ‘let’s burn their occupied camp with them inside’, we realized that the reconstruction by the newspapers was not at all truthful. After all, as we know, journalists copy what the police dictate, and this time also that of the league-fascists. In the internet, however, we saw the picture of bold youngsters at the League gazebo (ten, fifteen), some of whom said they were present at the moment of the aggression in various comments.
A minimal effort at understanding the situation could also have been made by the journalists, but obviously the task wouldn’t have suited the reasons for which they are on a pay-roll. With quite another obstinacy these people (the scribblers) strove to put comrades’ names in the press and, also in this case, to mention anarchists and the Campetto Occupato, in regard to the attack on the League gazebo.

As a matter of fact there’s no certainty as to who did the action.
Having said that, as we already mentioned concerning an act of sabotage on the five stars movement local premises, we want to clarify that this blog doesn’t speak on behalf of anyone, nor does it represent anyone. It is only and exclusively the simple point of view of those who write.
And concerning the attack on the League stall, those  writing on this blog can only express two simple concepts: that it doesn’t matter who carried out the action because it could have been done by anyone with a minimum of a grudge against the racist, fascist, discriminatory (also towards the south… for those who have some memory) politics that the League is carrying out; and that the kids who carried out the action, whoever they are, did well!
They did well for the action in itself and for all that it means: that the oppressors are there, that they can be attacked, that not everything has to and can remain immutable, thanks to submission.
To those goodhearted kids who attacked the League stand, we also want to say thank you!
Because they showed us all that the human misery of our times is not inevitable and that anyone who’s got a bit of determination can do something to prevent it.

Translated by act for freedom now!

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