Nancy, France – Actions in solidarity with Loïc and the G20 prisoners– Fireworks over the prison of Nancy-Maxéville

In order to express our anger at the arrest of our comrade and to send our solidarity to prisoners behind the walls, we fired 50 rockets of fireworks near the prison of Nancy-Maxéville tonight, 3rd September. The fireworks were met with a loud reaction from the prisoners.
Last week a similar action was carried out in solidarity with the G20 Hamburg prisoners and against the shutting down of the autonomous media Linksunten Indymedia. [1]
We also intend this action as a modest contribution to the week of actions and meetings in opposition to the CIGEO project in Bure from 3rd September to 10th September.
We wish you a successful week!
Freedom for Loïc [2] and all the prisoners of social war everywhere!
[1] Here is a short communique of 27th August 2018:
‘In response to Linksunten’s call on the occasion of the anniversary of the shutting down of their Indymedia website, some people went to express themselves on the walls of Nancy.
This morning you can read ‘Solidarity with Linksunten and all the G20 prisoners’ on the walls of the Court of Appeal, and other words against prison appeared in the streets of the old town. Fireworks were also set off over the prison of Nancy-Maxéville, where a great roar could be heard from the inside. Fire to the prisons.’
[2] Loïc, a comrade in struggle against the CIGEO project in Bure, had been in hiding since the beginning of January as he was wanted following the anti-G20 revolts of Hamburg in July 2017 (the German authorities had issued an arrest warrant against him). He was arrested by police in Laxou on Friday 17th August 2018 and imprisoned the following day in Nancy-Maxéville. The German authorities are to demand his extradition in order to put him on trial. In active solidarity with him, a vehicle of a Vinci subsidiary was set on fire in Berlin on 24th August. To write to him, more info here.
Translated from Italian by act for freedom now!

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