FANTASMA, clandestine anarchist newspaper, NR. 2 (SEPTEMBER 2018)

pdf no 2

The ongoing uncertainty resembles a blindfolded free fall. The time
seems to pass at cyberspeed and simultaneous standstill. An feeling of
grandiose freedom and deep fall at the same time. And before I knew it,
suddenly I find myself in the middle of a jungle, sitting on the ground,
surrounded by trees, scrubs and branches, which block my view, scratch
my arms and legs and inflict here and there deep wounds on me. However I
am surrounded by life, by movement and little by little I fit in the
rhythm. Deep inside of me I know though that I am still falling. So I am
searching for hold and orientation on the outside. I grab a droopy liana
to straighten myself up. It feels real, consistent, certain. I hoist
myself up on it, hoping to see some other lianas, that can help me to
blaze a trail.
In unsteady times, like we are experiencing now, the fantasma embodies
this liana, real, consistent, certain. Through it we have created a
possibility for us to get in touch with comrades from all-around to
exchange notes on the specific issue of clandestinity. About all the
different facets, angles of view, consternations and perspectives, which
such a situation brings with it. And in the best case scenario this
newspaper can open up mental connections, can encourage comrades to deal
more intensely with the possibility of going underground, can offer an
anonymized platform for speaking about the unspeakable.
In the editorial of the first issue we wrote „[we] hope to be able to
contribute with this paper to the anarchist project and to grow with
it“. By reading through it again we stumbled upon this sentence, because
it didn’t really strike us as precise anymore. The decision to go
unterground is not offensive by itself, just as this newspaper project
is not subversiv by itself. Rather the questions are how one deals with
it, what kind of decisions one makes in that situation and what kind of
potential one finds out in particular and therefore is able to
implement. Because the anarchist project, the social revolution, needs a
relevant social dimension of conflictuality by strong-willed and brave
individuals, who don’t shy away from unambiguous words, followed by
concrete acts of subversion. We still nourish the strong need to stoke
up the social conflictuality on every level. We still want to be more
than wandering ghosts on the sidestage of a society, which is not ours.
We still want to be offensive against all kind of authority and
oppression in spite of our situation. But how can we intervene
socially? To put ourselves offensively beside the oppressed and to voice
our ideas of freedom unambiguously, without handing ourselves to the
enemy on a silver platter? It is these questions, which keep us, and we
believe many others in similar situations, busy and we want to immerse
deeper in the following issues.
Concluding we want to say, that we were very excited about the received
articles and the very fast translation of the first issue to german. For
security reasons we reserve the right for the following issues, to not
specify received articles as such. Except of historical writings or
publicly available publications, for example Incognito, which for the
purpose of announcement on their part we gladly provide with an
indication of source.


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