Italy : Updates on the Scripta Manent trial

During today’s hearing (12th September), the judge confirmed that tomorrow’s hearing (13th September) was cancelled owing to a defense consultant’s sick leave. Therefore the hearing that was due tomorrow 13th September will be held on a date to be decided.
Soon the updates in this regards and the complete calendar of the hearings.
Updates on the hearings of 12th September and 13th September
Le Vallette prison in Turin allowed comrade Anna Beniamino to spend the night there, so the concession to attend the 13th September’s hearing also extends to the previous day, 12th September. Marco Bisesti will also be present in court during both hearings (12th and 13th September).
The calendar of the hearings goes to 22nd November, but many dates will probably be skipped.
For now the confirmed dates are:
19th and 20th September
26th and 27th September
3rd and 4th October 3
Let the comrades feel our warm presence in the court!
Solidarity and strength to the prisoners of operation Scripta Manent!
Translated by act for freedom now!

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