UK: Vengeance for Zak Kostopoulos’

actforfree receved on : 28.9.18
On receiving news of the gruesome murder of Zak Kostopoulos in Athens this week, we were struck with overwhelming sense of the need for a response. Though, we do not know Zak, his awful situation resonates so strongly because we know that this to could be our fate, the fate of a close friend or lover. In a world that overwhelmingly wants to see more dead queers we recognize this attack for exactly what it is- the continuation of normalized brutality against queer and trans people under the eyes of states which are happy to let us die: be that through the refusal on a structural level to provide adequate treatment for HIV, the criminalization of HIV positive people, or the actions of individual cops allowing and enabling Zak (and others like him) to be beaten to death.
Not that we want anything from those dirty institutions, simply we want to acknowledge the enemy and the tactics it employs against us; fuck justice and fuck the police- both are the weapons of our enemies and neither of them will ever bring us anything except greater harm; there can never be justice for such a cruel and brutal murder, there can never be justice for Zak. We want vengeance- vengeance for Zak and the countless others like him who fall every year to Homophobic/Trans-phobic and state violence; vengeance against those who carry out these attacks, vengeance against the police who ruin lives everywhere and always, vengeance against the states who oversee it all, and vengeance against a world whose indifference is tantamount to complicity. Expect to see more escalations soon.
Some Armed Queers already prepared to die.

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