Feral Crust, a small DIY autonomous collective based in the upland mountain terrain of Marilog Davao, Philippines

Feral Crust is an eco-anarchist collective based in Davao, Philippines. The collective is working on a land and community project. It is set on 1/2 hectare (1 acre) of the hilly terrain within the remaining forests that is home to native wildlife and indigenous people.
We wanted to implement related activities (see below) to reach our
long-term goals, as follows:
– To create a stable ecosystem through permaculture and wildlife/nature
– To learn and practice nature-related skills and subsistence living
– To provide an open teaching, skill-sharing and event space to the community
– To engage in cooperative work with both local and non-local people
improving cultural exchanges and solidarity
Would you mind if we ask support from you in terms of donation (any small
amount will do) so that we can able to financially cover some immediate
priorities of our community land project?
If you can send over any printed materials in English you would like us to
translate into Filipino language, we can try to work on these. For some
years, though irregularly, we did translation of a few anarchist
literature and zines (essays and articles). We made distribution of
translated zines locally as a tool for exchange, communication, direct
action and liberation. If you may able to support us with translation
work, would be of big help to our project and very much appreciated. Hope
translation will be useful and helpful to you as well.
Much love and solidarity
Here with are SOME of our immediate priorities:
1. building a house for Volunteers and Guests (local and international
friends), immediate network volunteers and members of radical info shops,
centers and autonomous spaces in Davao and other parts of the Philippines,
activists, permaculture and conservation enthusiasts, our neighbors/community
members in our area
2. building a house as a Workshop/Educational center (knowledge/skill
sharing on environmental conservation, sustainability and resiliency,
subsistence, nature connection – i.e. plant identification, flora and
fauna surveys, agro-ecology, organic gardening, composting, natural
building, earthworks, nature awareness activities, wildcrafting, etc.
3. providing/building Rainwater Tanks/Storage (some barrels and a stable
concrete set-up)
4. building a Plant Nursery/Greenhouse (adaptable to rain and wind)
5. gardening/ tree planting (Pioneer/Nitrogen fixers, Windbreak- we are
located near a plateau)
Garden raise beds
Compost toilet
Making swales, trail and pathways
Kitchen and dining space

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