Czech Republic: “Kronika odporu”, new anarchist counter-information project

Chronicle of Resistance
For a long time, we hesitated how we would take the word. First of all,
we have led discussions that have allowed us to understand what we have.
Then we set up this site about global
anarchist practice. That’s what we missed here, and that makes sense to

There are many important topics and we do not have the capacity to do it
with everyone. We will try to bring at least some information about
attacks, campaigns, projects, communiqués … about living anarchist

In the way, there are state pawns and their fake critics, such as
„anarchists“ from academia, leftists, journalists, pacifists and other
reformists. We will go against their way. We will be of explaining our
attitudes here. No, we do not believe we will change the strength of the
arguments of their attitudes. But we want to bring food for the brains
to our comrades.

There will be those who would like us to be locked in prison or tell us
the cops to disrupt our activity. We do not want to make it easier for
them, so we will take care of strengthening the security culture. We do
not want to give the cops unnecessary opportunities to blows. But we
rejoice in each blows given to them and to other watchmen of the
capitalist shit. We will bring information about them.

The Chronicle of Resistance (Kronika odporu in Czech language) archives
reports of anarchist practice, presents analyzes and suggestions for
action. We start during the Solidarity Week with anarchist prisoners and
join the rebels who have been striking in US prisons since August 21.

We walk the path of resistance.

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