Buenos Aires, Argentina – Presentation of Insidia issue 4, an anarchist publication

DOWNLOAD PDF: Insidia n°4
We are sharing the fourth issue of the publication which includes translations, analysis and reflexions/feelings set out on paper. A text by Appio Ludd, another by Novatore, one by Santiago Maldonado, among others, are in this fourth edition.
With love to the vagabonds of life, the vagabonds who are no more, to the dead, the disappeared, the prisoners and those who are continuing their own anarchist steps, breaking open the path along the way.
Some people’s dreams cannot sit still or they will wither. Maybe when this foolish tramp finds himself more crazed and blazing like a storm he’ll fall upon this land again to dance his crazy dances with those he madly loves, to flash his lightning laughter through the air – and then to disappear as suddenly as he appeared – forever vagabond.
Wolfi Landstreicher – Reasons of Flame
[1] Wolfi Landstreicher – Reasons of Flame (N.d.T.) 

Translated from Italian by act for freedom now!

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