Lyon, France : Attack on the headquarters of Bayer AG

During the night of 24 to 25 September 2018, we destroyed some of the windows of the headquarters of Bayer AG, pharmaceutical society resident in the 9th district of Lyon.
In this troubled world where the border between friendship and enmity is increasingly uncertain and changing, the mercantile society is still generous enough to produce some really bad villains. Bayer AG, parent company of zyklon B, and mustard gas, whose non-exhaustive list of horrors includes laboratory tests on women deported to Auschwitz and the flow of products infected with HIV. In the top 100 of the most polluting multinationals the monster Bayer AG merges this year with the horrifying beast Monsanto Company. Monsanto Company, parent company of agent orange, of a GMO seed with the sweet name of “terminator” and glyphosate currently at the centre of several thousand procedures for its carcinogenic properties. The north wind brought us the hearty echo of a well-deserved attack on the seat of one of these companies in Loos. At the start of autumn, while here in Lyon we are preparing for the return of our dear Gerard Collomb, we got it into our heads to make this beautiful action resonate even louder.
So, late into the night of September 24 to 25, we mustered our courage and beat our hammers many times on the pearly facade of Bayer AG headquarters, in the 9th district of Lyon. To get their poisons get out of our plates, their diseases out of the earth and our bodies. And because a minister’s resignation and climate marches will change nothing we are calling for the echo of this modest attack to continue to resonate. On their showcases and in our hearts.
Direct Action For A Better Life
Some fireflies
Translated by Act for freedom now!
via: Attaque

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