Everyone hates the state. so smash it!



Act for free: received: 8.10.18


Everyone hates the state. so smash it!
The State is everywhere.Not only lurking in our neighborhoods and on every street corner, but embedded in the reflexes of so-called citizens If a friend of yours saw her own possibilities outside the logic of obedience and laws, you would mysteriously lunge for the categories and ordinances that the state has imposed on all our interactions with life that society y has enclosed. Why is this so? Did you consciously sign the social contract at your birth, and consent to honor its decree s at all times? What made you love the autocracy of something set above you? These are the cops in our heads. Mo st people decide that they cannot live without them, so me cannot live with them
for another moment longer.
The State precedes all that it allows. Everything we do and everywhere we go, the things around us are made so because of authority over others .The cities s are the way they are to concentrate populations around the
Workplaces ,the technological-productive apparatuses, the disciplinary measures and the centers of consumption. Our families are the way they are to assign reproductive roles through gender binaries. Our media is the way it is to distract from our dispossession. Our daily encounters. With each other are filtered through the logistics of capital and time. No matter how disposable we are, some find self-importance in policing each other’s’ compliance with
what those before us ensnared all of life in. Fools of the state become angry when someone isn’t also working a shit job every day of the week and smothering the pain in alcohol and TV shows over the weekend.
Perhaps the slacker in question has a different skin color or self-expression as well. This is where fascists become volunteer police for the typical (glorified) normality of state society because t heir rationale for submission was invalidated.
The State cannot protect, it can only enclose. The cops can only clean up the mess when people are pitted against each other, they cannot and will not undo t he social configuration that imposed desperation and misery to begin with.The state cleans up t o justify submission in the eyes of its useful fools.The “service” it provides is the bare minimum to quell basic responses of anger and abandonment, other wise it would be way too obvious that they monopolized violence for their own self-perpetuation.The duty of liberals is to cite “human rights” as modifiers for state society and its violence.This takes state power as a given,as inevitable.It disarms our agency and coerces us to affirm our citizenship and customize it,instead of negating it for t he unique experiences every one of us is,all perfectly capable of providing for ourselves and each other.
The state cannot be a tool for good. Marxists would tell you that “the workers” should seize state power through a communist party and bring about a utopia when the factories and t he offices become theirs.They would say that the state will simply whit her away when it is no longer useful to t he communists,and we will have a bountiful society of self-managed production.But states are an amalgamation of moving pieces that can only continue doing so if there are subjects to give them power.They do not halt themselves when an external use for them ceases,t hey are always inclined to persist,to monopolize,to contain through territories and borders and re­ introduce command when these are questioned. Whoever holds power will protect it to the death.
The State will probably never go away.The la st few decades of unrest have made t his clear,but this is why we must attack. This is why we must cultivate insurrectionary bonds of desire,mutual interest and self­ determination. We were born int o this global society with capital and bitterness as our only communities, fabricating ludicrous myths of life purpose and honor.Whatever we have to lose will invariably become something wonderful with our selves at the forefront of our live s’ creation. We must generalize revolt.We must not make names and programs the priority,but maximize the persistence of attack, obstruction and sabotage on every
single form of authority.Not for future worlds and better societies,not for better concessions and movements,
but for ourselves against all rulers, exploitation and subjugation.

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