Pescara, Italy : Streets are made safe by the comrades who walk them, not by fascists or cops

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Yesterday, Saturday 1st September, as they were going on their usual afternoon walk along the high street, Pescara’s people found Cas(s)aPound holding a demonstration at the bus terminal in the centre of the city. This region-wide demonstration, which was called following a rape that took place on Saturday 25th July in the terminal bus area, was meant to oppose the ‘degrade’ of the station area, and it also embellished the discourse of sexism and racism with the usual rhetoric against immigration. Of course, as they are good fascists and servants of power, they didn’t fail to demand more cops in the streets.
On the same afternoon, however, the fascists didn’t expect that others, comrades, immigrants, organized themselves and spontaneously opposed the fascist presence thus showing that there’s no need to ask anybody for permission to be in the streets. On the other side, by contrast, there was a bunch of obedient servants of power ready to interrupt the demonstration as soon as the length of time kindly conceded to them came to an end.
Yesterday, with that counter-demonstration, we shouted that women don’t want to be defended by the fascist shit and that to exploit a rape in order to carry forward racist and security politics makes us angry, it’s disgusting and must be strongly rejected. Rape is the climax of the violence of patriarchy, regardless of the nationality of who commits it, and it is still a recurrent practice of fascists and men in uniform. The goal of those who were in the streets against Cas(s)aPound was also that of expressing the greatest and most sincere solidarity with the woman who was inflicted the violence.

Translated by act for freedom now!

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