Antiracism on Prison Island (So-called Australia)

actforfree received on : 16.10.18


The purpose of this short text is to bring attention to tendencies within the Antifascist movement in “Australia” that are stunting resistance to the spread of openly hostile racism across “Australian” civil society as a whole. (Incase you’re wondering..I don’t advocate for racism to be hidden, contained or “civilised” I think that the Australian colony must be burnt to the ground as it was founded on white supremacy and continues to exist through institutional and social violence against all that do not want to live by traditional european values but first and foremost the indigenous clans that exist all over this land.)
1. Power/Hierarchy/Solidarity
Within the movement there is an unquestioned balance of power that is swinging in favour of those that wish to use anti-racism/anti-fascism as a source of personal power. This use of power manifests itself through organisation. There is a strict adherence to formality, various meetings have been organised in which associated groups come together to meet…however these meetings are facilited by the same people and the roles never change. There is very little encouragement for action outside of any officially organised (or seemingly) group and people that have come to be involved have continually been used by individuals in informal/formal positions of power as human resources…praised and encouraged for doing what people in [positions of power are unwilling to do but left to fend for themselves when the consquences of such actions begin to unfold.

A common point of discussion within the “movement” is one of political power. The focus is on the demonstration and taking control of it. It appears that antifascist groups act only when fascists set the terms of engagement, to control those that want to engage fascists however they see fit (usual outside of the limits and expectations of democratic protest) under the guise of providing an alternative to social-democratic groups that clearly only use these events as a way of increasing their own political power.
2. Security
Over the course of the last fews years as things have developed there have been betrayals in the form of individuals switching sides to give information to fascists or individuals coroporating with ASIO. There has been little discussion within these groups of how to prevent that to protect everyone and none of the individuals that are known to have coroporated with the state and racists authoritarians are being held responsible.
There is an almost religious obsession with social media and technology that has made the environment unsafe for those that want to be involved and those that are. When using this technology there has been no talk of keeping information secure, no talk about the best ways to conduct yourself so as to keep everyone involved protected as much as they could be. Most of the action takes place online in the form of doxing and posts about certain individuals and this has not translated at all to any concrete action in the field.
There is way too much talk and little action…at the end of the day one is left wondering what difference these groups make.
It has become increasingly clear that the only way to move forward and engage with the growing violent racist inclinations hardwired into Australian society is to make this a personal affair. Personal in that we should not only encourage violent resistance to racist poltical parties, corporations and individuals but we should be enacting them as well.
Maybe it is time to take responsibility for the part we have played in allowing racism to spread, part of that looks like a personal engagement that isn’t reactive; we should act out of our own desires instead of waiting for them to set the terms of engagement or for someone to get stabbed or harassed in the streets.
In order to counter unjust use of power it looks like it would be better for antifascist groups to create an informal and non-political structure so that individuals are free to act, make mistakes, learn and be supported by other groups doing that same. Too much energy has been wasted on fighting for influence in a demostrations and not enough on being a real threat to white power and it’s growth.
It would most certainly be productive to refuse to engage with the media as time and time again they have shown their hand and the image associated with antifascism that comes from the amerikkkan media is starting to be used as a repressive tool.
The media…whether corporate or social is not our friend and cannot replace immediate personal engagement. The standards need to be raised higher in terms of how forgiving we are willing to be when someone puts everyone involved in danger. The standards also need to be raised higher in terms of solidarity so that people that cross over the boundary of civil protest are supported otherwise we may as well stop pretending and admit that Antifascist Action is just a political alternative and not a means by which direct action can be taken against mindless, entitled, violent, arrogant and opportunistic scum that add more danger to the already difficult task of simply being in a society that seeks the erase of your being.
This was written hastily so I apoligise if it’s ranted, it seems a little incohorent or you feel attacked (wait…actually I’m not sorry if you feel that way). I’m not a writer really, I felt the need to write something public with the hope that maybe other people that live here on prison island will begin to change tactics and put the discussions they’ve had about all of this into action because at the moment while the media is having a field day and the trots are calling every counter-protest a victory the situation on the streets is getting worse.

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