France : Kairos issue 6: against prisons and screws

“For the State prison is a fundamental instrument to keep the recalcitrant, the rebels, uncontrollables and undesirables separate from society. It’s a form of punishment inflicted by the state of law but is also a way to keep under control anyone who refuses – out of choice or necessity – to respect the social pact that envisages the sanction of misery, exploitation and the consequent relations of oppression. […] Direct attack on what prison and authority represent allows us to feel alive, to create rebel complicities beyond the walls, to communicate through acts of flaming hostility against prison, its lackeys and collaborators (architects, various suppliers, builders, etc.) Each of these acts gives hope to our struggle to put an end to all prisons. So, to the attack!”
Kairos issue 6 – Against prisons and screws
Click to download Kairos issue 6
Translated from Italian by act for freedom now!

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