>Guadalajara, Mexico – bomb at the Secretariat of Guadalajara Rural Development




9/11/2010 – Mexico – Guadalajara, Jalisco – Alarm was recorded this Sunday night outside the building of the Secretariat of Rural Development, after an explosive device was detonated. The blast caused damage to the windows of the apartment and one of the walls, no pedestrian was struck in the attack.
The object consisted of three cylinders of butane gas, attached to a steel pipe filled with gunpowder, all triggered by a fuse.
The boom (similar to that of a grenade), which was noted by vigilantes, was caused by one of the containers which, with the explosion, triggered a blaze that destroyed a window and an adjacent wall. It is suspected that the attack was perpetrated by a radical environmental or anti-globalization group.
Now the Procurator of State Justice will pass to the control of the security video recordings to try to identify those responsible. The private security guard who watches the building told the SSPE State police that he just saw a man of about 30 years get out of a truck and approach the place where the bomb was detonated.

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