Pescara, Italy : 15th October 2011: solidarity is our weapon

Last night these posters appeared in Pescara in solidarity with comrades investigated for devastation and loitering following the events of 15th October [2011, Rome], of Cremona and the Brenner.
Those who have comrades are never alone
Whoever remembers 15th October 2011 will also remember the atmosphere of that day. They will remember the rage, and the joy at sharing it with thousands of people. For that anger, which comrades turned against the State and its repressive political, economic, cultural and social politics, 15 people were sentenced, some for up to 9 years, mainly on charges of criminal damage and looting. Some were even imprisoned as a preventive measure: for example our friend and comrade Chucky, taken with force from his home to prison (State torture!), even before the trial and being sentenced; and Davide, who has been locked up in degrading conditions for 3 years and has decided to go on hunger strike against the charge of criminal damage and looting.

This year the same charge (from the Rocco [fascist] law of 1930!) was also used to accuse those who were in the streets of Cremona on 24th January 2015, after a comrade was brutally beaten up by fascists, and those who were at a demonstration against borders in the Brenner Pass.
This charge, alongside various antisocial behaviour orders and countless restrictive measures against those who rebel and must therefore be put on the margins of society, is meant to empty the streets, to annihilate moments of encounter and shared struggle.  Against all the devices of power, against uniforms and repression, let’s yell our solidarity with our comrades in the streets, let’s reiterate our anger, let’s claim our practices of violence against the State’s violence and its laws.
With anger but out of love. For Anarchy.
Translated by act for freedom now!

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