Italy, Montanaso Lombardo : CREA research centre greenhouses destroyed

In the night of October 2, thanks to a half moon that guided our steps discreetly without exposing us too much, we entered the properties of the CREA research centre of Montanaso Lombardo (LO). We smashed up the institute’s four large greenhouses, destroying almost all of the experimental plants inside them.
We are not surprised that the media have kept quiet about this, despite the serious damage to their research: in fact the CREA research centres are directly controlled by the government, which has every interest in hiding the actions that put a spoke in the wheels of its projects.
CREA is involved in sequencing and genetic engineering of plants and hyper-technological modernization of agriculture and livestock. Its latest research, funded by the government, is focusing on the development of the so-called GMOs 2.0.
We will not stand by passively and watch the umpteenth project of manipulating the living by annihilating spontaneity in the name of profit. Before leaving we wrote: “NO BIOTECH”, “NEITHER OLD NEW GMO”, “HAMBACH RESISTS” inside the greenhouses in huge letters. Solidarity with those who struggle in defence of the earth against industrial civilization. A complicit greeting to the comrades struck by the Scripta Manent and Panico operations.
Anarchists against the misery of the existent
Translated by Act for freedom now!
via: cna – 27 October 2018

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