Two comrades are imprisoned in Poland

Actforfree received on 29.10.18


On 19 October our two comrades were arrested because of a court
sentence given to them for taking part in anarchist protest against
European Economic Congress (EEC) 2015 which was held in Katowice.
Our friends where sentenced to community services because of the crime
called “infringement of privacy”. They were protesting in empty
abandoned tenement house which was city property. They wanted to protest
against the inherent contradiction between empty property and
homelessness and to show injustice of savage capitalism.
Arrest is a consequence of avoiding these community services.
One of activists went to prison for 2 months till 15 of December. He
is kept in prison in Tarnowskie Góry (Silesian region). From the very
beginning he started hunger strike, because he doesn’t have possibility
to eat vegan food. Administration refused to pass him warm clothes. The
cell is not heated and he has no any jacket. According to official
rules, prison keeps 50% of all money income. Anyway, director of this
penal facility doesn’t allow him to use prison shop, or to buy food for
him during dates with visitors.
About the other detainee we have no information. Police didn’t want to
inform anybody about his situation, because of formal causes
(administration refuse to allow him date with relatives, because he
doesn’t remember the exact address of their place of residence). that is
why we don’t know the condition of his imprisonment

We support our friends. Law considers community services as an
opportunity to strengthen the society, but in our opinion it is only
another way to force people to do something and to exclude them form
economic debates. Our comrades are trying to show that self organizing
and radical actions can do much more for society than community services.
Police were intruding their relatives in their work places, in their
houses. They tried to get any information about a location of our
anarchist friends. Police threatened families by telling lies about
prolongation of sentences or by telling a notorious lie that one of our
comrade is sentenced because of stalking.
We are sympathizing with the arrested activists. Today each one of us is
a stalker of business elites, European commissioners, prime ministers
and heads of international corporations who are debating every year
during EEC behind the closed doors. They are making decisions on the
future of the society and it is the society who bears the burden of
their decisions.
By protesting against EEC we wanted to show that it is not the elites
but the people who should decide about the future – workers, local
societies who need to self-organize for their common good.
We want to stress that the arrested comrades are not victims – they
are resistant and we support their decision of rejecting to perform
punitive community services.

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