Santiago, Chile : Anarchist Kevin Garrido murdered in prison

On the morning of 2nd November 2018, prison cannibalism inflicted another painful wound. Kevin Garrido, sentenced to 17 years for placing explosive devices, was murdered inside the lurid extermination centre of Santiago 1,  stabbed by other prisoners.
In spite of some differences that arose with Kevin’s recent positions, out of respect for his life, his actions and his path we won’t falsify his positions. But we cannot and will not show one millimetre of indifference in the face of this tragic event. Our enemies are the jailers and the prisoners accomplices of the workings of prison and its perverse authoritarian dynamics.
With anger and profound bitterness we do not remain indifferent to any aggression whatsoever; before it was Julio Huentecura, now it’s Kevin Garrido and so many others.
These  blades should be aimed at the necks of the jailers, the cuts must pierce their disgusting uniforms, it’s their blood that should be staining the concrete of the prisons, we have no doubt about that.
Because a death in prison is a murder committed by the State apparatus! Against prisons and the world that needs them: insurrectional and anarchist solidarity with the imprisoned comrades!
 noviembre 2, 2018
Translated from Italian by act for freedom now!

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