Italy : Sentencing does not mean forgetting

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Translated by act for freedom now!
It is as though mankind had divided itself between those who believe in human omnipotence (who think that everything is possible if one knows how to organize masses for it) and those for whom powerlessness has become the major experience of their lives.
Hannah Arendt, The Origins of Totalitarianism
War machine
On 25th September the State machine and its putrid mechanisms, in this case the Court of Cassation, tried to put a tombstone on the first judicial session concerning the revolt of 24th January 2015 in Cremona. In the joyous angry afternoon of 24th January, according to the putrefaction in togas, the sense and safety of the good people of Cremona was put at risk; translated into article 419 of the penal code, devastation and looting, 3 years and 8 months’ imprisonment and 200,000-euro damages to the Cremona Municipality for three accused, plus the confirmation of 2 years for another accused charged with aggravated resistance.
Were indifference and generalized insignificance put at risk?
Power defends itself from those who attack it without mediation and this cannot enter the formula of victimization to be sold in exchange for consensus, but must be an absolutely conscious question for those who rebel.
A ruling society and laughing servants
In a society and at a time when fascist and racist aggressions are spreading undisturbed and used as a shock force by power in order to ease the latent oppression on individuals, the State and Cremona’s sheriff aka mayor Gianluca Galimberti are rejoicing at the sentence. They are taking their revenge against some who didn’t remain impotent as they saw Emilio’s battered head. They are repressing some as a warning to the possible revolt to come. Fascists the State and the democrats are all happy. Today as in the past those who aspire to power travel to the sound of the belching of repression.
Solidarity thoughts

The Cremona day, like the splendid days of Genoa in 2001 (when Carlo was killed and his memory stays alive in all seditious hearts), unfortunately goes down in history as an act punished as a crime of devastation and looting. So our thoughts go to those who will have to face the second level of the trial for the events of 15th October 2011 in Rome, to the accused in the second session for the events of 24th January and to the 147 accused of devastation and looting following the events of Brenner in May two years ago. More rebel thoughts and closeness also with the accused of Operation Panico and Operation Scripta Manent, and all those facing State repression heads held high. Finally, we are also close to those who, even if they made mistakes at first mainly caused by the torture of repression and not only, had the courage to recognize them and carry through a discourse of solidarity so as to give and give back dignity to those who rebel against the existent.
24th January was an attack on this rotten world. Against the impotence of survival, keeping quiet or letting off steam on facebook, some decided to make the saying ‘antifascism is anti-capitalism’ come alive. Far away from those who dissociated themselves from that day and slandered the rebels, giving someone over to the police, like the now infamous Aioub Babassi, we think that the best form of defence is attack on everything that is slowly destroying us and plundering us every day.
Different music
May the sparks of anger and revolt we caught a glimpse of that 24th January reinvent themselves, germinate and blossom regularly against those who devastate and plunder life and the present daily.
Far away from those who dissociate themselves, snitches and spies! Long live the rebels, wherever you are!
Different music, to stir things up for power and start living again…

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