Bologna, Italy : Report on the 15th October demo 2018

On Monday 15th October a demo was held in Bologna in solidarity with those on trial following the events of 7th May 2016 in Brenner and 15th October 2011 in Rome.
For the day in Brenner in May, 63 people will be on trial on various charges, and more will follow due to a new tranche of the investigation, whereas an appeal trial will be held for 15 people following the events of 15th October in Rome; earlier 4 people were sentenced for devastation and looting. Solidarity with the revolts in Brenner and Rome, and also that of 24th January 2015 in Cremona, the day the city burned with antifascist anger, was expressed with speeches, chants and banners.
In solidarity with these days of rebellion, those present talked in solidarity with who had decided to stand up and act against those responsible for daily injustice and exploitation. Over these days cops, barracks, borders, places of power and premises of public and private institutions were ravaged. Above all solidarity with the comrades on trial must recall that there are days and nights when it is revolt that wins, not fear.

The people gathered decided to march spontaneously through the streets of Bologna’s university centre. Each participant’s role reflected self-determinate and antiauthoritarian dynamics, thus paving the way to agile and effective actions.
As soon as we got to the site of the Bper bank, owner of what is to become a detention centre for migrants in Modena, it was daubed with graffiti denouncing the responsibilities of a cannibalistic financial group that imprisons migrants for profit. Many of the writings left on walls were against the dogs in uniform, for example the carabinieri, who continue to show themselves not only as the armed hand of power and therefore our constant enemy, but also as confirmed rapists – see the recent case in Florence of two rapist policemen who tried to justify themselves saying that they had taken girls back home ‘out of chivalry’ and then found themselves compelled to do ‘what boys do’ (their words).
As it entered Piazza Verdi, the demonstration encountered the containers of the Guasto Village, a symbol of the Redevelopment in the U area at the hands of the PD party and the Unibo management: to feed degradation in order to impose outside hipsters with beers at seven euros and vegan-bio-chic-sticazzy wraps at nine euros each. Just as we have always refused the heroin which for decades has been poisoning our neighbourhoods, we also refuse the rhetoric of the showpiece-city of entertainment and free association commodified for use and consumption of tourists: forms of degrading speculation behind which the same perpetrators conceal themselves.
While courts are the highest manifestation of power that represses and threatens, the streets remain our natural habitat where we create, organize and express all our antagonism. Solidarity with those who rebel shows itself in practices, and the streets must speak our language, with instruments and approaches that reveal themselves to be free from the cages of hierarchy and authority.
Just as the courts are the places of the State’s revenge, the streets can become the place of Revenge of the Rebels.
Solidarity with the comrades on trial following the events of 15th October in Rome, 7th May in Brenner and 24th January in Cremona.
Solidarity to those who choose to break away from the chains of oppression and be free even for just one day, even for just one night.
Long live Rebellion!
Translated by act for freedom now!

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