Athens, Greece : Attack against french institute in solidarity with our prosecuted comrades struggling against borders

Seven comrades fighting against the terrorism of borders and the security state were arrested in France for helping migrants continue their lives where they see fit. They are facing extremely severe charges and prison sentences, as do all those who are caught making themselves the enemies of the lie of nations.
As part of an international call for solidarity, We, an anarchist initiative in Athens, responded by targeting the French institute, a diplomatic institution under the French Embassy and State. The French Institute’s purpose is to legitimize the legacy of French colonialism and perpetuate its nationalist identity. France is erecting murderous borders and prosecuting those who struggle to destroy them. Under the repression of the French state, all institutions that normalize its existence become legitimate targets for our struggle.
As a cultural institution, the French Institute is propagating the nationalist agenda of the French nation state. We don’t tolerate any nation states or the institutions that represent them. We don’t tolerate Fortress Europe and the borders that deny people of freedom of movement. In the struggle against the criminalization of solidarity, we encourage all militants to organize themselves and to participate in the struggle with whatever means you have.
On Sunday night, we attacked the Institute with paint, rocks, and slogans. Afterwards 30 police came to the scene and a few random by passers were arrested. Both the French and Greek states indiscriminately target those who might stand in the way of their false security: the security of police terrorism.

No nations, no borders! Fight law and order!


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